Braze Says   "So long and thanks for the good memories"   posted 10/10/2006

After 7 fun years doing arcade enhancement kits and providing technical help, I've decided to exit the arcade business. I want to thank everybody for their continued support over the years and hope you have enjoyed the kits I have provided. Thank you!

My kits will continue to be available from Steven Gregory at and Mike Haaland at

Looking back, I never really had any grand plans of having an arcade side business, it was just something that sort of happened, and happened quickly, and with more success than I would have ever imagined. Here are some parting words, a little personal history, and some details about continued product availability.

I grew up as a kid in Michigan playing pinball and arcade games starting around the mid 1970's. I spent most of my time at Pinball Petes in East Lansing which by chance I was just lucky enough to visit again recently and it got me reminiscing all over again. In its prime there were several different Pinball Pete locations, including my favorite which was just a short bike ride from home located in a tiny little building which used to be an old H&R block located next to the Coral Gables. Money was tight during those years. When I wasn't scrounging around outside for returnable beer and pop bottles to be cashed in at Toms Party Store, I was begging the the owners of Petes to let me clean the pinball glass in exchange for free games (credits).

By 1980 I was busy at Michigan State University chasing girls, skipping class, and doing whatever the minimum was to keep my athletic scholarship intact. Extra time for playing arcade games had quickly evaporated in priority. I finally graduated, moved 800 miles away and became part of the full time work force and rarely ever played an arcade game again.

By the late 1990's I was again reacquainted with arcade games as a close friend of mine got me hooked by taking me to an auction in Winston Salem. Like many of you, my first purchase was a Ms. Pacman. It was in a beat-up cabinet, found on the next to last row, and for dirt cheap. The Ms. Pac title would surely help ease things with the wife. Well, you all know you cannot own just one game, and in the next few months the collection would continue to grow and I would very slowly start to understand that there was more to collecting than just the game inside and that such things as the condition, beauty, and rarity of the cabinets actually mattered to some people.

As an embedded software engineer by trade (before I retired in 2005), it didn't take long before I became greatly interested in how these games work and what might could be done to them. The idea of making modifications to the original game code or making simple hardware modifications perked a special interest for me. I had never had any real formal hardware training, so the idea of designing a simple hardware circuit and laying out a printed circuit board seemed like something fun to try out as a hobby. My job offered me access to lots of engineer type friends who were more than happy to help me out once I mentioned old arcade games.

Pacman it seemed already had different enhancements for it, speed up chips, maze variations, and the two-bit multi-kit. For whatever reason, and I'm not totally sure why, I some how got centered on Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong Junior. It might have been just because from a glance the boardsets looked similar. I really cant remember. This is actually quite odd, because as a kid I rarely played Donkey Kong and don't ever recall even playing Donkey Kong Junior. So it was strange that my first venture into arcade enhancements would be Double Donkey Kong. Go figure! In fact I was so bad at these two games that I had to have my friend come over and test it out. Attaining high scores and testing subsequent levels was something that didn't come easy.

Well things moved fast and before I knew it there was less and less time for the hobby part and the fun was slowly disappearing, I never had any intention at that time of building thousands of kits. I was mainly intrigued by and driven by the challenge, and I was enjoying the end-to-end business learning experiences. I was still gleaning a lot of personal satisfaction from helping others and breathing new life into these old games for their owners. While there was enjoyment on parts of it, other aspects seemed just like any other job. I continued to try and streamline my home production such that I could keep a decent supply of kits on hand and with enough encouragement I was able to introduce about one new kit a year. I continued always to provide prompt service and personal help even though it was starting to impact to my other day to day work and family responsibilities. Unlike the other multigame kit vendor, I have and still have high standards for how I believe customers and potential customers should be treated and I have tried my best not to compromise on this. But I can no longer offer my services at the same level anymore.

So now I find myself ready to move on. I no longer have the passion I used to have for this business, my wife no longer supports it, and with kids ages 8, 7, 5, and 2, every day there is less and less extra time with all their extracurricular activities. Its a time in their lives when they actually want to spend time with their father and I want to absorb it for all I can. So with this notice I bid farewell.

So long and thanks for the good memories!   Enjoy your kits!

So what does this mean for the current Multigame and High Score Save Kits? Fortunately I have a couple of years worth of supplies for most of my kits and parts needed to build additional kits can still be purchased. My current suppliers ( and will continue to carry my existing kits long after I'm gone, as long as there is sufficient demand. Both suppliers provide excellent services and both have the skills and resources to continue to manufacture new kits as needed as long as it makes good business sense. So in summary, I expect the kits should be in ample supply for the next couple of years. If you insist on ordering from me, The last day I will accept orders directly to me is 11/12/2006.

What does this mean for the Asteroids Multigame ? That is a tough question. This kit is a special kit which I hold close to heart due to the fact asteroids was one of my favorite games for me growing up. Its also a kit that I can never seem to find the last few minutes of time needed to complete it. At some points I've gone over a year without working on it. I started this kit several years ago, I finished the hardware design in 2003 and shortly afterwards ordered production PCBs and started ordering the other parts including several hundred pokey's which I removed from Ball Blazer carts. Just last year I invested even more money ordering production pcbs for the Deluxe version of the kit. So I have quite the inventory of supplies as well as many hours and dollars invested in this project. Rather than make any decisions that I might regret later on this particular kit, I'm going to once again mothball it and maybe someday revisit again. For those beta testers that have weathered it with me over the years hopefully you can still get some enjoyment out of your beta kits.

As for the enhanced Multi-Kong kit, this kit was in the early prototype concept stage, so it will not be completed. Unfortunately I made the big mistake of purchasing a huge amount of parts for it in advance which is going to be a painful lesson for the wallet.

Again, I thank you for your support over the years.


Scott Brasington