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I can be contacted at the email link at the bottom of this page. Before contacting me, please read the following as this may save you time or answer your question. Thanks for your understanding.

I no longer repair boards. If you have a board that needs repair there are several people that do excellent work. Search the forums at KLOV forums. There is also a technical repair section where you might find your answer. Also please make sure you have checked to see if your problem is covered in my technical section.

I no longer sell eproms or proms. If you need a programmed eprom try

Please use a descriptive subject line and if possible mention the game/kit in question. This greatly increases the chance that I will see the email and it will not be pre-sorted as spam. I have special filters to give priority to subject lines that contain arcade names of products I sell. Please limit the size of any attachments or photos.

I can be reached at

Thank you.

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