Frogger High Score Save Kit -- High Score Initials

This feature collects your initials when a new top 5 high score has been achieved.

The user friendly interface is much like those found on other games.

Simply use the joystick LEFT and RIGHT in order to highlite the desired letter. The current letter is indicated by a red cursor underneath the character. Once positioned at the desired letter, press either P1-START, P2-START, or joystick UP to save the letter. [Note: on a cocktail for player-2, you can only use joystick up, to save the letter]

DEL can be selected to delete a letter already entered. (eg. Delete and backup).

SPC can be selected to insert a space " ".

Once the desired name has been entered, move the cursor and select END. Your name will then be registered in the high score table.

Initial HS entry screen

You have a fixed amount of time to enter your initials, approximately 60 seconds. The timer is similar to the bonus-timer frogger uses during gameplay. A green bar at the bottom of the screen indicates how much time is left. A warning sound is played when less 10 seconds remain and the time bar turns to red.

Below shows example screen shots during high score name entry.

Initial HS entry screen

Move cursor to select 1st letter

Press Start (or joystick-up)

Repeat for 2nd letter

Repeat for 3rd letter
Time is running out!

Select END when finished