Frogger    High Score Save Kit -- Board Indentification Guide

The frogger HS save kit is designed for the smaller 36 pin konami pinout style boardsets as pictured below in supported boardsets. It will NOT work with the 44 pin "galaxian style" boardset as show at the bottom in unsupported boardsets.

Key things to look for are the text 834-0069 silk screened on the top PCB. This would indicate the boardset is supported. Look for a large aluminum heat sink on the audio board. The bottom lower CPU board may have 834-0068 or 834-0075 on the silk screen. There are also some boardsets that look exactly like this one but might have different markings, such as Konami KT-4107. This kit will also work in those boardsets as well. Sometimes near the edge connector will be a sticker that has the one of the following. 834-0069 or 834-0072 or 834-0086. In all cases the boardset will have a 36 pin edge connector and the game will run off DC voltage.

If you see a large black heat sink and large capacitors near a 44 pin edge connector, that boardset is NOT SUPPORTED by this kit. Sometimes this board will also have a sticker near the edge connector with the text 834-0084 The top audio board may have 834-0074 on the silk screen. Any board that has the 44 pin edge connector or runs off AC voltage is not supported.

There is one known variation of a boardset that has a 36 pin edge connector but does not work. It has Konami KT-4108 on the silk screen and the pcbs are a little larger than the supported type, the audio PCB is about twice the normal size and contains two AY-3-8910 chips. The kit will not work on this boardset.

Totally confused now? Checkout the pictures below for additional help.

Supported Boardset Pictures

UNSUPPORTED Boardset Pictures