Battlezone High Score Save Kit -- Erasing High Scores

The procedure used to erase the Battlezone high score table is similar to that of other atari games.

Put the game into selftest mode. Refer to your manual on where to locate the SELFTEST switch. For uprights it is usually inside the coin door.

In selftest mode you should see a display that looks similar to this screen shot below.

Battlezone high score selftest display

While in selftest mode, press and hold both the START and FIRE buttons. When both buttons have been pressed at same time, you should immediately see a message displayed on the screen with the text "ERASED". This is the indication that the high scores have been cleared.

Battlezone selftest showing scores erased

You can now release the buttons and exit selftest. The high score table will be returned to the factory default scores and initials.

Battlezone factory high scores