Asteroids    High Score Save Kit -- Trouble Shooting

A common mistake is not having the daughter card inserted correctly, either hanging over the socket by one pin, or in backwards. In this case the screen will be blank and the start LEDS are probably lit.

Another common mistake is for the 6502 CPU to have been inserted incorrectly, either backwards, or possibly with a pin bent that did not insert into the socket properly.

The Asteroids high score save kit will perform a very simple powerup selftest of the HS daughter card when the game is placed in selftest mode. Two additional information areas are displayed during selftest that relate to the HS kit.

The middle diamond displays the HS kit rom version (eg. "REV 2A"). If the HS kit detects a defective ROM on the kit it will display "ROM FAIL". This indicates there is a problem with the HS kit itself.

The right diamond displays information about the HS save chip on the kit itself. Blank means the HS chip is operating propery and contains high scores. "ERASED" indicates all the scores have been erased. "HS FAIL" if the HS chip or kit is defective.

The error "HS FAIL" could mean the small 8-pin HS save chip on the kit (93c46) is defective or not making good contact. Reseat that chip and see if the problem goes away.

asteroid high score fail

asteroids rom fail