Multipede -- Setup

The Multipede on-screen setup menu allows you to configure your game options without crawling into the cabinet to set dip switches and allows separate configuration of Centipede and Millipede options.

To enter setup mode, place the game in self-test mode. The self-test switch is located inside the cabinet, usually above the coin box.

Once in self-test mode, press both the P1-START button and P2-START button at the same time. The game should now be in setup mode.


Multipede Selftest


Multipede Setup

Once in the setup mode, use the trackball to move up and down within the menu. The current selected item is indicated by a shooter icon character on the left side of the screen. To make changes to the current selected item, use the FIRE button. For each button press, the current selected field will toggle to the next option.

To save the settings and return to self-test mode, scroll down to the bottom item "save and exit", and press the fire button. At this point the currently displayed configuration will be saved and the game will return to self-test mode. It is at this point that high scores are erased if you selected that option.

If for some reason you wish to cancel your changes without saving them, simply take the game out of self-test without executing the "save and exit" option!

To return to game play mode, take the game out of self-test mode. The new settings will now have taken affect.