Multipede    --    Custom Character Set Information

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The Multipede kit comes with pre-installed alternate character sets for each game which can easily be selected by using the setup menu.

This page describes how you can create your own character set(s) and program your own Multipede character eproms for use with the kit.

There are two Multipede character eproms. They are 2764 eproms and are located on the smaller daughter card at locations 5P and 5R. Together these two eproms form 4 banks of character sets. Two for Millipede and two for Centipede. The eproms hold both the definitions for characters as well as sprites (moving objects).

The packing of the eproms is as follows:

5P (2764) 5R (2764)
Millipede 106 (std) Millipede 107 (std)
Centipede 212 (std) Centipede 211 (std)
Millipede 106 (alt) Millipede 107 (alt)
Centipede 212 (alt) Centipede 211 (alt)

The best software for creating and editing arcade character sets is Turaco. Turaco is the next generation of The Arcade Games Editor A.K.A. "AGE". Visit the Turaco website to download the program and instructions.